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English adjective turns interpret phenomenon
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English adjective turns interpret phenomenon

English and Chinese language structure and expressive habit have the place of a lot of difference, cannot press when the interpreter textual chase a word to die sentence by sentence interpret. Show those who introduce an adjective to turn interpret phenomenon.

Below a lot of circumstances, “ adjective of English interpret of ” of 10 nouns phrase becomes Chinese advocate call structure, translation appears read smoothly. Be like:

She Spoke In A High Voice. The voice that she speaks is very shrill.

This Engine Develops A High Torque. The torsion that this dynamo produces is very big.

English is a few mediumer indicate perception, affection, when the adjective of the mentation such as the desire forms compound predicate with the verb that join a department, the verb can become adjectival interpret when the interpreter:

You Are Ignorant Of The Duties You Undertake In Marrying.
You do not know the responsibility that you carry in marital respect agree completely.

The Following Plan May Become Available During The Next Decade.
Following plan is in 10 years the likelihood comes true.

Such Criticisms Have Become Familiar In His 1ater Commentaries On America.
Similar criticism comments on the common occurance in American article in what he writes later.

He Is Truly Sorry For His Past, and He Has Undertaken To Give Up Motor-carsEntirely And For Ever.
He not is reached to past afterthought, assure not to drive a car forever.

Salt And Sugar Are Both Solub1e In Water. Salt and candy Dou Rong at water.

Convey to facilitate, a few English words but interpret is Chinese noun. For example:

Contamination Leads To 1ower Yield. Pollution brings about low yield.

After A Few Months, our Just-in-time System Became So Efficient.
After a few months, our “ is punctual method of the ” that offer money becomes have effect very much.

I Wish He Was Blind. I hope he is an a blind person.

As a result of the language the habit differs, the adjective in English sometimes interpret becomes Chinese adverbial word:

He Asked Me For A Full Account Of Myself And Fami1y.
He asks about myself and me in detail the circumstance in the home.

Another War Will Be The Absolute End Of Our Country.
Come again war we are empty the country can be destroyed thoroughly.

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