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The skill that English translates
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The skill that English translates

[Strategy] I order is same

1) Up And Down: Remittent, rise and fall the ground

 of The Boat Bobbed Up And Down In The Water

That boat is bumpy in water.

2) More Or Less: More or less, a little

He More Or Less Thought It Was His Duty To Tell Me.

He thinks to tell me the responsibility that is him more or less.

3) Rock And Roll: Rock-and-roll

4) Deaf And Dumb: Deaf dumb

5) Heart And Soul: Whole-heartedly, ground of enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with

He Devoted Himself Heart And Soul To His Work.

He devotes oneself to the job whole-heartedly.

6) Day And Night: Every day night, day and night

7) Husband And Wife: Husband and wife, couple

They Have Lived Together As Husband And Wife For Years.

Their knot lived a lot of years jointly for the couple.

8) Black And White: (point to the film, TV, photograph to wait) black and white

I Changed My Black And White Television For A Color Set.

I change monochrome television plane into a color.

9) Black And Blue: Green together, violet

10) Wax And Wane: (force or importance) promote decline, rise and fall

Throughout History Em Pires Have Waxed And Waned.

Each dynasties on the history all have promote decline.

11) Home And Abroad: Domestic and international, global

Mount Tai Attracts Many Tourists From Home And Abroad.

The father-in-law attracted a lot of global tourists.

12) Ladies And Gentlemen: Ladies, gentlemen (the beginning that is used in the speech, although sometimes Chinese also can say: Mr “ gentlemen, ladies ” , but English habit is “ladies” advanced face from beginning to end. )

13) Toe of / of From Head To Foot: Cap-a-pie, all over

The Children Were Covered In Mud From Head To Toe.

All over the body was stained with children mud.

14) Second World War of The First / :

Second World War of first time / (also can express to be World War I and World War II)

15) From First To Last: First and last, consistent

16) Science And Technology: Science and technology, science and technology

Science And Technology Can Reproduce Productivity.

Science and technology is the first productivity.

Garden of science and technology of Tsinghua of Qinghua Science And Technology Park

17) secretary-general: General Secretary (nevertheless ” of “ consul general is “consul General” , “ commander-in-chief ” is “commander In Chief” , additionally “secretary General” is “ secretary-general ” . )

[Strategy] II order is different

1) southeast northwest: North, south, east And West (note: This kind of order must notice to distinguish, although Chinese also says ” of “ thing north and south sometimes. In addition northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest English expression is Northeast, southeast, northwest and Southwest. The English-Chinese order that notes position of the around in the word is different. )
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