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A few " form " with " meaning " the proverbial oral interpretation that close
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The proverbial oral interpretation that ” of form of a few “ closes with “ meaning ”
Arrogant of Pride Goes Before A Fall person be defeated surely
Make a profit in troubled situation of Fish In Troubled Waters
Do official business according to official principle of Business Is Business
Person of if of article of The Style Is The Man
More Haste, less Speed more haste,less speed
What the hero sees Great Minds Think Alike be the same as slightly
Misfortunes never come singly of Misfortunes Never Come Alone
Hedges Have Eyes, walls Have Ears lies between hedge to have an eye, beware of eavesdroppers
Man Proposes, god Disposes. Plan matters is in person, accomplish sth is in day
Xi Shi goes out in eye of lover of Beauty Is In The Eye Of Beholder
The prep before when Time And Tide Wait For No Man I / years is merciless
A Young Idler, an Old Beggar is budding do not try hard, old apprentice hurts Bei
A Man Should Not Bite The Hand That Feeds Him does not want requite kindness with enmity
Home Health Is Better Than Wealth has money of 10 thousand be linked together, not consistent body be good at
Out Of Office, out Of Danger does not have government-owned a single person light
In Time Of Peace Prepare For War resides Andangsai to high
Out of the mouth comes evil. of The Tongue Cuts The Throat / character is broken surely more
Out Of Sight, out Of Mind /far From Eye, eye of Far From Heart disappears for clean
All Shall Be Well, lover of Jack Shall Have Jill becomes spouses eventually
Friends Must Part gets together medicinal powder separation and reunion always sometimes / the banquet that the world all without exception comes loose
The thing before The Remembrance Of The Past Is The Teacher Of The Future does not forget, the division of funeral affairs / before the Fu of the car, after Che Zhijian

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