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Chinese-English metaphrase and free translation
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Metaphrase free translation
What the interpreter method that explains here points to is, pass flower, Chinese the contrast of characteristic of two kinds of languages, analyse its similarities and differences, elaborate the common law with textual expression. Flower, the structure of Chinese has identical one side, interpret can be illuminated when Chinese interpret, namely ”—— of alleged “ metaphrase already faithful and textual content, accord with textual configuration again. But there still are a lot of differences between these two kinds of languages, be like complete according to interpret, ” of Ying Huahan language of certainly will occurrence “ , need ’ of “ free translation at this moment, — falls in the premise of faithful and textual content, cast off textual structure manacle, make translation accords with the standard of Chinese. What should notice particularly is: “ metaphrase ” is not equal to ” of “ dead interpret, ” of “ free translation also is not equal to ” of “ random interpret. Try quite:
1. Metaphrase and dead interpret

The structure of textual structure and Chinese is consistent, illuminate interpret can. But if of textual structure and Chinese abhorrent, still adopt the method of metaphrase, become ” of “ dead interpret.

Be like: ① In Some Automated Plants Electronic Computers Control The Entire Production Line. Be in certain automation factory, the computer dominates whole product line. (metaphrase)

② The Earth Acts Like A Big Magnet. Earthly action is worn big like magnet. (dead interpret)

③ Manganese Has The Same Effect On The Strength Of Steel As Silicon. Manganese has same effect to resemble silicon on the steel of intensity. (dead interpret)

Both neither of ③ of exemple ② , exemple is faithful original intention, do not accord with the expressive means of Chinese again. Accordingly, must apply “ parts of words to change ” wide composition to change term of ” , “ (language) foreword adjusts the method such as ” to make translation clear and coherent. Part of one's job of ③ of exemple ② , exemple fastens interpret to be: The action of “ earth resembles a big magnet. …“ manganese can affect the intensity of steel like silicon. ”

2. Free translation and random interpret

Go up in the foundation with proper textual understanding only, use corresponding interpreter method in order to adjust textual structure, try to convey with normative Chinese, this ability accomplishs ” of “ free translation truly. The interpreter carries out a proof, the Chinese interpret of many English sentence should adopt ” of law of “ free translation.

If understand ” of “ free translation,understand to want to come by subjective chest textual, need not analyse textual structure, see poetry face sense only, oneself are fictional sentence, certainly will causes ” of “ random interpret. Be like:
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