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Interpreter method chooses outlying place
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" Sino-British close talk " edition guidance teacher Dr. Chen Qinglin is the general comment of ” of match of interpret of Chinese and English each other sentences student of “ whole nation this year, the speech that is old Dr. Qing Lin to go up in the prize-giving celebration October 23 below. Dr. Chen cited 35 case, the specification is Sino-British to interpret when admittedly OK word word metaphrase, still must make on translation when the interpreter some adjust, the letter that just can accomplish an interpreter, amount to, elegant.

Speak of an interpreter arriving with respect to drag in of hard to avoid bilingual handle an issue. Translator is right although two kinds of relevant Chinese are not perfectness, also want to have good level, this is an interpreter first bid farewell condition. Then, he knows even bilingual apply in the term those who go up is different, and the difference on sentential structure, just can be next after “ understanding ” is textual, pass proper method and skill, come out translation end, respectfully present to sample to the reader.

Alleged and proper method, point to “ metaphrase ”(Literal Translation) and ”(Free Translation) of “ free translation namely. Metaphrase is OK check the number is entered, word word is translated, but a lot of moment must be in the sentence makes some of parts of words, word order on certain part, sentence of the respect such as type adjust or change, ability carries translated text already “ is faithful ” the most pleasant stage of “ fluent ” . If metaphrase won'ts do or it is unfavorable word, only well-intentioned interpret. For example:

(1) X: How Much Have You Suffered, irene?

Y: A Lot.

X: Love Ling, how many pain did you take?

Y: It is a long story.

(2) X: Your this person is “ dog really do not grow to give ivory in the mouth. ”

X: A Filthy Mouth Cannot Utter Decent Language. You Are Really Such A Person.

If be the first “a Lot” metaphrase in a lot of “ ” or “ are very a lot of more ” , is this word natural? If become the 2nd interpret “A Dog's Mouth Doesn't Spit Out An Ivory” , did the person that knows English only listen won't indescribable?

Free translation skill is the commonnest pair of interpret at Sino-British phrase. Besides afore-mentioned “ dogs do not grow to give ivory ” in the mouth besides, see the case of some of other free translation again.

(3) Don't Put On Airs. (do not put on airs)

(4) What Is Done Is Done. (what is done cannot be undone)

(5) Kicking A Man When He Is Down. (beat a drowning dog-completely crush a defeated enemy)

(6) Pull Out The Evil By The Roots. (cut the weeds and dig up the roots)

Although free translation is important, metaphrase is commendable also; Can word word is best to interpret, if cannot, a little face-lifting or change model, in order to accord with the appearance of translation, maintain textual marrow.
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