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A kindergarten fancy "Old Translation"
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Translation of 68-year-old Wang Zhonghua retired to a children's English teacher training school candidates, was not hired. Not because of his age, but his English is too professional. (See A13 version of yesterday's newspaper) Retired school children English translation Wang Zhonghua candidates to "run into a wall", the thing has a new opportunity. Yesterday, a kindergarten called, intends to recruit Wang Zhonghua when the English teacher. Yesterday, the newspaper readers Lihua call hotline, would like to contact Wang Zhonghua teacher. Wang Lihua, a person in charge of the kindergarten, "also hopes to teach children after retirement, that he loved children, so that the elderly are good state of mind." Wang Lihua where the kindergarten, kindergarten teachers are university graduate, English language, just not graduate teacher of English. "I hope our teachers and children usually have to communicate in English, as most seem to Wang Zhonghua teacher." Lihua said that she would like to hire Wang Zhonghua when the kindergarten teacher of English.
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