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Anti-language translation of the database identifies the "fool of myself"
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Capital corrective actions identified in public places starts --- Foreign Language WASHINGTON "No Smoking", "visitors to stop," "deposit bag at" and identify the common language will be included in a unified data bank, if a public place would like to add or improve the foreign language labeling, can query the database to most standard translation methods, to avoid the "fool of myself." In addition to identify the most common English, French, Western, Korean and other logo also will be added to the database. Yesterday, the capital of foreign languages in public places identified corrective actions at the launching ceremony held at Beijing Foreign Studies University, the corrective actions multilingual service center by the Beijing organizers. From Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, Renmin University of China Communication University of China, Institute of International Relations of more than 500 volunteers participate. More than 500 volunteers will be assigned to the airport, subway stations, the Summer Palace, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Bird's Nest, Water Cube for image capture and text order to establish identity database, and then correct errors by a professional team of translators and translation of these public places have been identified for correction in English and other languages for the establishment of the identity provider data. According to the Beijing Center for multi-language service program director Zheng Dapeng introduced during the Olympic Games Beijing standardized language identification in public places, this correction will be mainly conducted leak filled. Beijing during the establishment of a world city, the increased demand for small languages, so in addition to establishing an English label database, the database also specifically increase the French identity, the future will add Spanish, Russian, Korean, Italian and other languages of identity.
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