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Sidney Shapiro and other old gentleman by the five Chinese "translation culture
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A famous Chinese translator and cultural exchange between scholars, Sidney Shapiro, Xu, grass infants, and Li Shijun 2 Tuan here was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award of cultural translation," the old man, the average age of five and 89 years old. Translators Association of China Chairman Li said the long-term work in the diplomatic line, he knows the special nature of translation work and complexity, TAC hopes to recognize the older generation of Chinese translators, so that the whole society more concerned about the translation, seriously Translation, translation of the work and achievements to respect. He's good this year, Lu Xun Literary Translation Award under the vacancy as an example that few contemporary translation quality, the important reason is that many of today's profound lack of bilingual translators and cultural expression; many urban public Display language signs, tourist materials appear ridiculous mistake, but that many so-called "translation" not qualified. The recognition of the older generation of translators, promote their translation of the German translation of the wind to help resist the impetuous style of study and coarse abuse Made unhealthy trend. "Translation of Culture Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Translators Association of China established in 2006, awarded in the translation and foreign cultural communication and cultural exchange has made outstanding contributions to the senior translator, is the Translators Association of China established in recognition of translation The highest individual honor awards at home. Previously, the award was granted to Ji and Yang Xianyi dean of the two translation industry. This award is also a Chinese translation of five giant circles, of which Sidney Shapiro of the American, in 1947 came to China to join the revolution, have been translated first published in the U.S. reflects the "Red China" novel "new children of Heroes "Ba Jin's" home ", Mao Dun's" Spring Silkworms "and in 1963 joined the Chinese nationality upon approval of Zhou Enlai.
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