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Beijing International Forum on closing the content around the Translation of Chi
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At 18:00 on July 26, the theme of "Chinese to English teaching and practice" and "09 Beijing International Translation Forum" successfully concluded in Beijing. The forum is organized by China Foreign Languages and the U.S. Bureau of Education and Training Center Monterey Institute of International Studies College of Translation, co-sponsored the International Federation of Translators Vice Chairman Huang Youyi, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Translators, Translation, Monterey Institute Distinguished Professor, some colleges and universities in the country teaching and research professor of translation, the Foreign Ministry turned Translation Office official, the Chinese Foreign Experts Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, the provincial Foreign Affairs Office Foreign Affairs personnel system, attended the forum. Deputy Secretary for Foreign Languages in China, first vice chairman of the International Federation of Translators Chinese to English Mr. Huang Youyi to the urgency and importance of doing the opening speech. Foreign Office, "Beijing Review" Miss Jiang Wandi managing editor on "Sino-British group And case discussions "to do a comprehensive introduction. She said that the British Government has been very concerned about China in particular, the report documents the Chinese government, but the translation of some terms because of relatively rich Chinese characteristic and let overseas reading Were puzzled.
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