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Shenhua substitute Strike leader angered the whole playback of speech conflicts
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On Saturday, 2010 Super League season came to an end. Shandong Luneng in advance to win the game in the final round of the team 5 to 2 victory over Shanghai Shenhua is not the whole, but also fulfill the Tianjin Teda League runners-up team winning the first top wing Yu, Shenhua has no alternative but to accept the League third position. Competition, Shenhua bench coach Blazevic Tao Jin refused to play in the match arranged for him to command, arrogant to open the half-way exit is substandard Shenhua squad generals The facts. In fact the circumstances, as the substitutes Tao Jin has been the presence of an active warm-up, has been prepared to do the play. But in the game, Shenhua weak defense time and again by Luneng torn. After being Wei Tao Jin look in the eyes of anxious heart. "In fact, he has been prepared to do a play, but the elder Bush has not favored him." Says one insider. Jiang Kun fell to the ground in convulsions, the leader went to Tao Jin Guo Guangqi told he was ready to play before, but Tao Jin then said: "This time up yet You Shayong ah!" Guo guide one to anxiously: "What do you mean ? not Want to kick you can go! "Heard this, Tao Jinli also carved fire, he said:" stay away! I do not kick it! "So Tao Jin begins with a slow return to the bench behind the goal. In this process, the translator ran in front of Tao Jin Tell he was ready to play, but coldly Huileyiju Tao Jin: "I do not kick it!" Will return to the bench, to gather up her things. The process side of the old cloth also clearly see, "was also stared the old cloth, not Know what happened, but also said a few foreign languages Tao Jin Tao Jin did not listen to it, to go straight back to the lounge was. " In the lounge, the old cloth and not ignored in the corner of the Tao Jin, and Tao Jin has been looked down in silence. Soon, he and Flush shower with the players embarked on a bus. It is worth mentioning that the official website at Shenhua Tao Jin's personal characteristics to be written: a cool head to determine accurately. It now appears that this could perhaps be considered not a small irony.
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