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ECPod bilingual blog for easy writing to provide free human translation
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Bilingual blogger blog now has an innovative platform for the platform they can express their ideas and emotions. The main program, according to ECPod designer Michael Robinson said, ECPod is the first A free human translation of the blog platform. Since December 2009 the project has been conceptualized, Michael has been involved in ECPod building. Michael said, "ECPod to the social and business blogger offers many advantages. Our host in China, so there is no problem of IP storage. Our bilingual platform in China to cover more than 1.5 billion readers, In the rest of the world have roughly the same number of readers. And ECPod actively seek relevant ads to bloggers to our revenue. " This social media site multi-language trend is likely to be the next big wave of development, because users want to speak other languages to attract foreign readers. This is hope in the local language with local people "talk" to expand Its international influence large enterprises in particular. "There is no translation software can match a human translation," Michael said. "Using human translation services, to express accurately describe the contents of the original, this is the place where pride ECPod. Our users ECPod translation standard currently available are quite satisfactory. " This can be a valid user from ECPod the exponential growth seen. In the past three months, ECPod the number of users increased to 36,000 from 2,300. Such explosive growth can be attributed to the simple operation ECPod As, close to the reader and of course its free translation services. Aileen Saw five months ago opened a blog, he said, "six years ago, our family moved to Hong Kong from Singapore. We want the children brought up in this, and when he grows up, maybe read More comfortable than I am Chinese. This is why I choose to blog in ECPod reasons. I wrote the blog, is that I wish Ryan (her son) grow up record our memories. ECPod completed an out Color work, it put my thoughts translated into Chinese, I believe that my children will visit our memories, you will feel very happy. " We plan in the near future will be multi-language translation services into English and other languages other than Chinese, and this may be the social media to promote a truly global culture of one of the keys. About ECPod ECPod launched in May 2010, is the only one to blog content by artificial translation into other languages in order to attract more readers of the blog platform. It is also the first host in China's bilingual blog platform And pride.
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