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improvement allocating funds public sector interpreter serves website of Chinese
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Seat of government of san Francisco city will allocate funds 150 thousand yuan, the interpreter that improves many public sector serves, make a citizen understand the policy code of city seat of government and service project well and truly thereby. Mayor Niu Senjiang is moved, first job improves website of city seat of government namely.
City seat of government ever established culture to improve a working group in November 2005, and Ding Youli of official of assign appraise value holds the position of chief, understanding citizen is in each demand of culture respect.
Wei En of executive head of Niu Sen's mayor, Ding Youli and telecommunications department (7 days of government office is in city hold the person such as Chris Vein) press conference, announce the new move that findings and city seat of government are about to execute external.
Niu Sen points out, the website of city seat of government is badly in need of improving, translate literal the words fail to convey the idea. City seat of government will invite person specially assigned for a task to improve the interpreter standard of website of city seat of government, will be aimed at “ Chinese ” and ” of “ Spanish article to advance above all improve.
Niu Sen says, the person that 44% exceed in this city people is in the home with English the language outside communicates, use Asia-Pacific language among them occupy 65% , spanish article is 25% .
Additional, the people of use Chinese exceeds 120 thousand 5000 people, first what list blame English language. Branch of key of nine of city seat of government will cooperate in tandem, in Ding Youli the leader falls, the interpreter that improves communal website serves, the character that your citizen can be familiar with most with oneself will understand the service project of city seat of government.
Niu Sen points out, citizen most those who be badly in need of is the network address that browses city seat of government and significant section with different language and telephone service.
Ding Youli expresses, having a large number of emigrant san Francisco itself is the society of a diversity, city seat of government allocates funds 150 thousand yuan establish interpreter website and bilingual telephone service is result of public feelings of show solicitude for. The interpreter of the Chinese that culture improves a working group to will improve office of constabulary department, mayor, communal Department of Transportation, official bureau, appraise to be worth department of park of government-owned office, amusement to wait for sectional website and Spanish article, city seat of government is progressively meeting these important websites to offer more perfect language translation.
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