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Official language adds 3 appearance to translate Zhang sheet lengthen " grown "
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On January 1, 2007, bulgaria and Romania become state of European Union member formally. Two countries brings an European Union still have language of two kinds of new Bulgaria of official language —— and Romanian. In addition, the course is indefatigable strive for, irish also acquired the position of language of European Union government. So far, language of European Union government increased 23 kinds.

Be as long as for the interpreter of 90 thousand page " community legislation " , 96 Bulgaria language temporarily the written translation, member that proofread and 134 Romanian temporarily the written translation, member that proofread has begun to busy ahead of schedule. Rose on January 1, the member that protect language and collect language written translation dragoman of each 65 name, mouth dragoman of major of each 80 name, law each 4, total department effectiveness is translated formally in European Union committee. In addition, dragoman of 5 Irish pen also will at the same time mount guard, buccal dragoman needs when just have assured source this summer. (data sources: Couplet leaves round-the-world)

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