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Edition of wrong and too much Shanghai appears on the market to be stopped namel
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Edition of wrong and too much Shanghai appears on the market to be stopped namely into world file put on sale

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Zhang Xiaoli) Shanghai people press publishs " China enters world protocol " appear on the market only a few hours are published by national news total arrange is compelled halt put on sale, this thinking grab the market first machine, fall into such condition however nowadays.

The reporter is interviewed the first day in this book sale by outside when classics trade department appoints the people press that issues China solely to enter world law file, a gentleman that does not wish to disclose a full name expresses anxiety to the accuracy of this version, if the interpreter is not accurate,think to meet a reader to create quandary, and what have authority most in interpreter respect is undoubtedly outside classics trade department. This worry later by outside the official place that manages via trade of trade department world confirms. This Shanghai edition " China enters world protocol " will " invite public bidding " mistranslate is " bid " , " guarantee slip of all draw together " interpret is become " universal insurance " , " commissariat " interpret is " cereal " , hurt forcedly everywhere.

The reporter dials the telephone of some press chief, he tells a reporter, the wrong rate that total arrange of new scent edition asks books is issued must be in extremely one of the following. In the meantime, he also expresses, shanghai people press is market of race to control, the time that leaves oneself to run is too short, so short time assures accuracy very hard. Look, the reader that rapid move wants to take a fancy to a country to enter text of Chinese of world law file can static the authoritative translation of department of trade of the classics outside waiting for.

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