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Simultaneous interpretation: Sit in " golden mine " the profession that go up
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Simultaneous interpretation: Sit in " golden mine " the profession that go up

As we have learned, the whole nation can be competent the talent of advanced simultaneous interpretation that international conference dragoman works does not cross a few, and at present only Beijing needs hundreds of at least. Was in Beijing recently, although 25 interpreter personnel that come from countrywide each district obtain first " certificate of qualification of international conference dragoman " , but remain to real market " an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation " . It is reported, the personnel that pursues this kind of job works two hours to have price everyday 500 dollars. For this, in first in dragoman of Europe international conference grooms a commencement on, 25 student of first complete a course are called to sit in " golden mine " the staff member that attend.

As we have learned, at present a lot of people think to want to learn English only, can become simultaneous interpretation. To this, express via assistant dean of college of trade university English Professor Zhang Jinlong external, having certain English level and simultaneous interpretation is two things, latter still must undertake professional skill trains. It is reported, at present home grooms technically the school of dragoman of advanced international conference or orgnaization are very few, current, had the attempt of this respect via the school such as trade university and university of Beijing foreign language external only. Du Ding

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