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Pitiful interpreter home
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Pitiful interpreter home

There is a lot of to concern the interpreter's book in the study of my grandfather. After seeing a few, I just discover to translating work each medium word wants caution. With Shakespeare that famous " To Be, or Not ToBe: That Is The Question " for exemple, so I feel " live or destroy, this is a problem that deserves a consideration " sound quite pleasing to the ear, did not think of according to strict interpreter theory is told, this can calculate interpret meaning only and not be an interpreter. More cultured interpreter is " subsist is not vivid still: Does Suan of dainty spruce serve protect book of   admire to engrave Hou of left-eyed flounder of Qiu Zhong Momeng Ning to coffin  olds woman does crisp impossible of Ge of  of bead of Xin of calamity of tip of king crab earnest reach Jia Xinghuan of discharge of scull of Hui of Yi Ken of  of  of sword of Ban of left-eyed flounder of Ning of Nai of cough  male?

It is not vivid " than " live or destroy " more spoken language is changed, the snout that suits Hamlet more, and " vivid " the word appeared twice, correspondence of as it happens is textual in appeared twice " To Be " .

After seeing this grow paragraph of explanation, I sympathize with those to translate the home very much suddenly. If say those has special implication words that former writer places in a certain position,the word is equivalent to the word of a few treasure that are buried to rise of purpose, interpreter home lives drily even if come to these thing gouge, change an original place to be buried afresh again next. Former writer perhaps needs a person to see the bury of these treasure nods him to sing the praises only, interpreter home needs two people to sing the praises at least however: Ci of waterlogged  of  of post crucian carp mu is mace of  inclined ξ graceful a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides making fun of  Jiao of Song of straight eunuch of cadmium of hot ξ of  of post crucian carp mu does  チ say graceful excuse me?

Look in me, shakespeare is very lenient to translator, because of him scenario of that one pile is basic be to use element body blank verse to write, must amid finds phonic pace rules and forms of classical poem of what is translator is freewill purely. Alan · slope should be very the fellow that enrols translator hate. Besides him that becames famous with charm eccentric " big crow " beyond, often be taken by the article by all sorts of interpreter manage for of the thing is " send Helen " a poem in: Eary of 皐 of excuse me of be ignorant of of A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of  herd  " , " Way-worn " with " Wanderer " 4 " W " alliterative, this is enough let all sorts of translator gnash go up centenary. Nevertheless, the most unreasonable still is Dan Ding. He that 3 big " divine music " it is to use " Aba, bcb, cdc " such covering that what charm writes. Italian greater part is segmented with vowel ending, had this kind of convenience requirement, dan Ding writes tens of thousands of poem not to calculate too hard work with so strict feet, but his translator can do not have so convenient condition.
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