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The English qualification that the United States will study abroad to coming to
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The English qualification that the United States will study abroad to coming to the beauty checks major shift to rectify

Xinhua net new York on December 7 report (country of Zhang Feng of reporter Kang Xingping) the English qualification test of the foreign student that the United States has decided to study abroad to applying for to come to the beauty makes major shift rectify, the name is " love general " (the plan of international English test of APIEL) will begin to carry out on May 10 at next year.

When vice director of department of international of American university board Dr. Ren Changhui accepts this company reporter special report 7 days, say, this new exam plan is American university board and educational test center it is level of English of test international student technically and establish, the student that will hope to the English such as the United States and England, Canada, Australia the country studies abroad henceforth attends optional choose the exam of this project.

Ren Bo person says, a lot of educational group public figures and student studying abroad are mirrorred, will execute for years " TOEFL " the exam often cannot mirror examinee to grind in academia in the round long, the ability of use English, especially spoken language and writing ability, and spoken language and writing are one of conditions that colleges and universities takes seriously most. Be opposite to get used to the university of the United States and other English country the requirement of level of English of student studying abroad and the demand that new century education expands, "Love general " test emerge as the times require.

"Love general " exam origin is designed jointly from propositional committee member of the whole world, student of main test international is read, writing, hear, the integrated ability that understands English. Since try out of exam of this high level, already by the whole world many 700 colleges and universities serves as the basis that admits undergraduate students, graduate student and application assistant fellowship, also be regarded as to apply for fundamental reference condition of the job by a lot of transnational corporation. The achievement of every country is outstanding person will suffer invite headquarters of board of university of new York United States to accept " love general " scholastic award, still will answer of the school such as university of Yale, Colombia and new York university invite, undertake communicating to these schools directly.

About " love general " whether will replace " TOEFL " , ren Bo person says, "TOEFL " basically emphasize particularly on the control that tests knowledge of examinee antonym character, and " love general " the understanding of student of main test to English, analysis and applied ability and master the integrated ability such as international and literacy knowledge, university board and educational test center will be not made " love general " replace " TOEFL " regulation, let teach the market to undertake accepting or reject naturally however. She emphasizes, "Love general " the test is not the obstacle that raises an application to study abroad to the student absolutely, offer for them however new more ideal and perfect choice opportunity.
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