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Intel says 2007 PC general but synchronous interpreter
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Intel says 2007 PC general but synchronous interpreter

The special researcher Rob of American Intel is special. Tall black (transliteration) express, "The processor in providing personal computer 2007 will have very powerful function, aux will be able to identifies natural language quite, and undertake day flower synchronism translate " . The basis that this forecasts is American Intel on June 11 (American time) the Gate that announces to develop a success is long for 20nm(accept rice) silicon transistor. Intel plans to be in batch production used frequency of this technology, job to be 2007 20GHz, compositive the processor of 1 billion transistor. "From production technology angle for, this processor will be used begin 3 acting the following technologies from now " . The newest Pentium4 that the half an year after 2001 begins batch to supply will be compositive 42 million Gate grow the transistor that is 70nm, top job frequency will achieve 2GHz left


Qiao Wujian holds the post of a technology to create development department of headquarters logic technology Director of door transistor research, he thinks, "If succeed to give out Gate to grow to be the processor of 20GHz for frequency of 20nm, job, people is in when shopping, simply says a wants thing to computer, computer will be searched automatically through Internet and help you do appropriate to buy formalities " finally. Because the brunt product of Intel is personal computer microprocessor, so working frequency also will provide common table computer and notebook computer for the processor of 20GHz in.

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