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Sina culture special interview translates prexy Sun Chengwu outside hill
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Sina culture special interview translates prexy Sun Chengwu outside hill

Before before long, about expensive school " haing Buddha doctor " the central point that incident makes media pay close attention to. Now, we think those who know is, in Chen Lin by you with when firewood was invited 1000000, does your check pass his relevant data?

Dean Sun: We put forward to read letter of his record of formal schooling at that time, but Chen Lin interprets the data that won't carry concerned record of formal schooling to prove in American famous learned man. But he hints we can consult from a few media, for instance " China person of outstanding ability " magazine the 24th period, again for instance " bright daily " on April 22, 1996 the 2nd edition. We had check, be in " China person of outstanding ability "

Go up to still can see big picture of Chen Lin. Tutor Mr STOCK that I return special He Chenlin undertook contacting. Basically can maintaining Chen Lin accord with requirement of our invite applications for a job.

Sina culture: Since he accords with your rigid condition, so, why to work in him after a few months dismiss he?

Dean Sun: This announcement that we also carry our institute refers commentate. We think Chen Lin is a person that communicates very hard. All sorts of his education concepts, a lot of things explain he is communicated very hard.

Sina culture: What we want to know is why be unluckily after media exposure, do you just make what dismiss decides?

Dean Sun: Because we have worry very much all the time, we are in when firewood invited haing Buddha doctor 1000000, fear people says we are hype. Now just a few months with respect to dismiss, undoubted meeting lets a person deepen this kind of view. Before should saying we are to be in, discover he is communicated very hard, but after media shows this matter, we feel should resolved. Apparent, the exposure of media is a fuse.

Sina culture: So, whether in talking about the contact in you and Chen Lin, do you understand his?

Dean Sun: I feel even if communicate very hard, knowledge still should be some, record of formal schooling also cannot say affirmation is false. Actually to us, true and false of record of formal schooling is far from important. I also do not want to make more assessments to Chen Lin.

Sina culture: You how look upon 1 million with haing Buddha doctor Where is the relation between?

Dean Sun: Will tell from whole, I feel to breath out Buddha doctor is a value of 1 million. Of course with respect to the individual, the good and bad are intermingled, some good some are bad. Also have another problem, true knowledgeable person does not have administrative ability certainly. Certain moment, to certain person, running ability is like person meaning very much.

Sina culture: Do you think you still can be spent 1 million go inviting doctor of a haing Buddha?
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