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Into world hind and foreign contact city of frequent another name for Nanning tr
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Into world hind and foreign contact city of frequent another name for Nanning translates a talent to appreciate

Report of Huang Liangwei of reporter of dispatch of new laurel net wants to attend an action chamber of commerce to Guangzhou before long before Nanning city some industry, because program arrangement wants to interview a foreign trader, the boss just remembers he needs to take an interpreter at a draught, but he does not know to go up again which search. Many bosses ever also were encountered such " troublesome " , during festival of annual international folk song, commerce negotiates meeting and commodity are on sale, attract many foreign traders, but most enterprise arrives please hard,translate gratifiedly. Market supply and demand is lopsided, make the interpreter talent of Nanning city appreciates abruptly.

After entering a life, chinese enterprise and foreign businessman contact are more and more frequent, the interpreter became the profession that moxibustion hand can heat up, this not much simultaneous interpretation professional work inside Nanning city must be not received more. Professional simultaneous interpretation is used not quite, spoken language is good also grind gun go into battle in school undergraduate. An English major is big 3 students say, since a month, she already received 3 " the business " . Although be run-of-mill business affairs talk only, but the income that also has 349 yuan of money every time.

And disclose according to the personage inside course of study, the general prices of professional simultaneous interpretation already rose everyday on income of 8 hours 1000 yuan.

As we have learned, current and active the main talent that translating the market has: The emeritus interpreter of the mechanism that is the same as foreigner contact with formerly, enterprise, and the professional of college foreign language of one's previous experience of regular professional training. But the most welcome still is homecoming overseas Chinese, student studying abroad, they not only excellant of foreign language level, more important is thinking mode the easiest with the foreigner " become one with " .

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