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The interpreter of informatization times and this locality change a service
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Shanghai project translates association king to make the same score age

The interpreter industry of informatization times produced profound change. Economic globalization process changed the service target that translates industry tradition, this locality changes a service to rise gradually in the proportion in translating business. This locality changes a service to have the characteristic that its serve unlike traditional interpreter and demand. The translation that informatization times produces remembers a technology already attain at maturity, have different product and version face city. Technology of use interpreter memory is the mark that this locality converts a service, it does not change an interpreter is the essence that creativity intelligence works, let translate personnel to be in enjoy sufficient creation space while, acquired the capable tool with a kind of empty efficient premise, especially its conclusive to translating the modernization management of the enterprise to have meaning, developed to monarch for what this locality changes a service wide perspective. The article introduced typical interpreter to remember technical software and its characteristic to the point. Face this locality to turn the good luck with service record-breaking market and challenge, the brand with market modern appeal translates enterprise and senior major to translate a talent.

(article origin: Chinese net)

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