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Accuracy rate of automatic translation system is about to amount to beautiful pl
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Tgdaily report, the hopeful of interpreter of real time speech of TV, mobile phone and website is in in the near future inside implementation, because this is advanced technique of American national defence,research plans arrange (DARPA) the business that doing. This orgnaization had established the whole world to be developed from subject character (GALE) project, the target is to be before 2010 implementation translates Arabic and Chinese mandarin with the accuracy rate of 90%-95% . IBM, SRI and BBN win the bid big company must year after year raises accuracy rate to will be washed out by this project otherwise.

The development staff that comes from 3 companies will develop software and hardware translator respectively, be in future develops competition inside 5 years.

Annual the end of the year undertakes assessment project progress situation to 3 companies, behave the poorest group to will be washed out.

Target of the first year is to transliterate accuracy rate to achieve 65% , written translation accuracy rate is achieved 75% .

Occupy additionally " Chinese news network " report:

After international of IBM, SRI and company of BNN science and technology win the bid without a stop is developed rapidly, united States flower will be sentenced outside the job partly more many famous university. Grammar is reached to go up in the structure as a result of Chinese of medium, A and English act in a way that defeats one's purpose, your researcher sufferred.

The ” of crystallization of “ painstaking effort of BNN science and technology is in Arabic and test of Chinese language translation, accuracy is amounted to 75.3% reach 75.2% , the accuracy that translates conversation has 69.4% to reach 67.1% ; IBM notchs in interpreter Arabic word a bit taller; SRI international notchs in interpreter Chinese spoken language taller. 3 companies achieved DARPA first years to set the requirement below finally.

Additional all, chinese already became security of American “ state and language of American competition ability to plan one of key foreign languages of ” . The “ state security according to the United States and language of American competition ability plan”, language of Chinese, Arabic, Russian, India and Persia language are labelled the foreign language that the United States is badly in need of popularizing, american Ministry of Education will be in a 57 million dollar was made up give in the budget 2007 drive.

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