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Gu Ge rolls out webpage text to translate API to be able to translate 13 kinds o
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On March 22 message, the text that Gu Ge rolled out a few tools to be able to get on the webpage piece the interpreter becomes a variety of languages. Interface of process designing of process of this language application (API) still can identify specific language before the interpreter. This kind of API uses Ajax of Web 2.0 technology, include language of Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hellenic, Italian, Japanese, court, Portuguese, Russian and spanish to wait for 13 kinds of languages. This API still supports 29 interpreters to be opposite.

This new API is development of group of Ajax research and development, offerred this technology how to combine network application process to define mediumly. Gu Ge says, the text in developing personnel to use this to API can be translated and discover rich passenger piece the webpage that perhaps uses Javascript. Fast translation is offerred when this language tool aims to should do not have comprehensive interpreter leaving a line. Gu Ge plans to be this API to increase more functions in the future.

Gu Ge will provide a few example of the guideline that uses this API and interpreter project to development staff.

A of domain of business affairs of the whole world when the interpreter of computerization burgeoning tool. However, the interpreter quality that the mankind has is better, the interpreter rate that the machine has is rapidder. It is very scarce that these two kinds of ability are united in wedlock together in a software.
(article origin: Sai Di net)

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