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"Lab of interactive language of E-learning round-the-world "
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Speech room / interactive lab / multimedia classroom / computer room / one room is multi-purpose;

Teach by word of mouth of the education pattern with contented new Ministry of Education, network language learns;

Solution of unifinication of campus language lab!
Lab of round-the-world and interactive language introduces E-learning

Initiated the new era of network of language study system! - the first selection of lab of the language below new pattern of educational reform of Ministry of Education!

1, product brief introduction

Interactive language lab has the multimedia that is based on standard network environment completely already the function of traditional speech room, satisfied Protestantism of Ministry of Education to learn the classroom education below mode and student self-study in the round again, the self-study that is a student at the same time offers a course resource and interactive learning environment. Solved room of each number speech thoroughly the operating system is skimble-scamble between manufacturer, speech terminal and each other of other hardware equipment are incompatible, fittings is not general wait for a problem, assured the versatility of product and service and continuity.

Revolutionary rock-bottom development is function of ventricular of will traditional speech and language education and education management platform, interactive platform of language study platform, multimedia resource order programme, resource is built in all with issue platform, long-range class make with release platform of course of network of platform, campus, from listen, say, read, write, the development that interactive study, exercise, test, self-study management, resource builds interpret, exercise, exam, student and the many sided such as resource management got used to language lab. Initiated the new era of network of language study system, it is the first selection of lab of the language below new pattern of educational reform of Ministry of Education!

2, use window

A. Absorb the advantage of traditional imitate and digital language lab and function, realize the network that language lab builds, unifinication.

B. On network classroom foundation, need not special speech terminal, need not special wiring, install convenient, maintenance-free.

C. Pedagogic end has network teacher and student implement function, market network education implement, classroom of education rich guest, direct seeding, online recorded broadcast, class upload, the education management space of the individuation that education management is an organic whole. Make full use of network resource, call education implement education of the education function classroom that finish and extracurricular coach, function powerful, interface common, operation is simple.

D. Student end has network study implement function, function powerful, interface the friendly, transmission that operates the frequency with simple specific and powerful; , video and processing capability, the real time sex that assures to transmit and successional.
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