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Interpreter informatization
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Informatization is the only way

Another when translate industrialization principal proposition is implementation interpreter informatization, the high-tech method that uses the information period such as technology of the computer, auxiliary translation software, Internet, number namely realizes the modernization that translates the job. Country " 15 ” of “ plan compendium " point out, “ should use dominant by coordinate, face the market, network to be built in all, resource is shared, the development train of thought that technical innovation, competition opens, realize our country Information Industry hard span type develops, advance informatization quickly, raise the Information Industry the proportion in national economy. Of ” interpreter informatization carry out, also change the innovation sex that becomes oneself and provide the key of high grade, quick service for the client better.
And be in at present, the state of Chinese interpreter informatization is far cannot satisfactory. The typical setting that translates the job now still is: Interpreter worker is facing thick literal data, wearing presbyopic glasses to perhaps taking what magnifier takes pain to to browse move, scribal, putting on the side likewise thick outside Chinese the dictionary consults with equipment translator; If encounter the word of ancient out-of-the-way of a few raw or cold food, he still must consult with all possible means more the dictionary of greater part head, perhaps consult to other. The efficiency of way of this kind of work is low can be imagined. If be an interpreter,the as further as actual distance document such as literary work, classic literature also stopped, but if be the information closely related interpreter and reality, compete with the market especially the economic paper related joys and sorrows or international market are newest and dynamic, such efficiency is also cannot catch up with anyhow of times rhythm. And for the structural state with current interpreter team, translate informatization begin also appear difficult and heavy. How does a lot of old experts that translate a bound, old worker get online repeatedly hair E-mail won't, more Huang assists software to translate foreign language data and information with the interpreter by what.
But the spring tide that translates informatization cannot be resisted. To get used to the need of market economy, a lot of interpreter enterprises also are adjusting oneself in effort, undertaking actively translating the innovation of the service. If hand in east of big inscription peaceful to translate a factory to rely on Internet and oneself the advantage of 12000 contracts dragoman, began to translate the bold attempt of informatization. They have a very typical case: This year in May, chongqing has the teaching material of American tax law of a 280 thousand word to need an interpreter, because want to drive,imprint come out market of race to control, the client asks 1 be about to finish inside week. If this formidable task translates the word that mode will come to run to say less to also be gotten by convention one, two months, a lot of translation firms dare be not received, but Oriental interpreter works is bold the ground next. After accepting the order, the dragoman of thousands of contract that they wait for means to be good at economy, law to countrywide each district through short message of email, phone, mobile phone sends message, the result got many 200 response that can receive work in the morning the following day. Company again the dragoman data according to the database, chose 8 people to undertake this project, the assiduously studies American law reading a doctor to hold the position of this project group group leader that work college manages in asking a Wuhan China. This 8 people determined term level above all, divide the work next cooperation presses paragraphic interpreter, come by the group leader control rate of progress planned speed. The group is in professional CAT software " elegant letter CAT " below the help, used 5 days of satisfactory ground to complete this project only, the from the bottom of one's heart that won a client is favorable. Be worth what carry is, of panel member communicate, this project is specific the operation is main be to pass Internet to come true, this reflected the characteristic with interpreter quick and efficient informatization adequately. Can predict, this kind of mode will be in in the near future inside be able to develop quickly, those who become interpreter industrialization is important reflect.
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