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Does outlet of industry of Chinese current software where?
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Once regarded home as the golden hill of flagman of current software industry, extended multinomial business, whether did golden hill fade out of current software industry? Step forward in current software the home of dimension difficult, in shareware increasingly arisen today, is the future of industry of Chinese current software in He Fang? On which road will the golden hill that already began network game go?

At the beginning of doing poineering work, WPS becomes the delegate of Chinese current software. Golden hill carries a nation current software old standard more than 10 years, the growth that discovers current software till golden hill the environment is real too too abominable, just turn and develop the business of network game.

Before 2003, what golden hill place does is almost complete it is current software.2003 after year, business line begins to divide two kinds big gradually, software and network game.

But golden hill did not fade out of current software industry. When the stock code when golden hill appears in Hong Kong couplet to hand in the big screen of place to go up, a lot of hostage ask Lei Jun, golden hill is a game company after all still be a software company, lei Jun says: &Ldquo; golden hill won't abandon software forever, won't abandon WPS. ”

Current software is occurrent move and when the change that all takes. Open source and shareware to begin to be alluded by more and more people, internet is changed already became inevitable trend, mobile mobile phone regards the future of office terminal as can be expected soon.

On April 20, 2007, gates of the · that compare Er walks into Beijing University schoolroom, preparing to innovate for Microsoft “ when him when student of bear the palm of cup ” contest awards prize, king of Linux China chief delegate opens a source to develop speech station, raise the sign that keeping “Free Software Open Source” together, call “ our need to open source software, need the catchword of free ” , the personnel that meets to attendant ginseng is cast give a handbill.

The traditional and current software that is a delegate with Microsoft is in be eroded by the “ of software opening a source of Linux ” . The current software industry that is a delegate with Microsoft at the same time also is being sufferred come from Google the challenge.Google of such Internet company carries its network dominant position, can spread completely each PC to go up gradually.

World IT of future will more develop, be equal completely to perhaps be met at the mobile phone of notebook computer is the terminal with the greatest future, each person can handle official bussiness at any time and place, get online. Future, infinite happiness.


2003, golden hill establishs.2007 of golden hill academy year, golden hill established software laboratory in Zhuhai again. Is industry of Chinese current software met forward what way develops? Golden hill whether follow to go up the development of the times, seize opportunity, return brilliant? Whether has golden hill begun to prepare? Golden hill values the future of current software whether adamantinely, continue silently cultivated expect tomorrow?
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