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"Electron of elegant letter CAT"- changes interpreter solution
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Oriental interpreter factory is relied on hand in the software with big inscription powerful peaceful to develop actual strength, use advanced elegant letter CATS(Computer Aided Translation Suit) to assist interpreter tool, raised the work efficiency of artificial interpreter and term oneness greatly, take the lead in realizing international what technology of current forward position and domestic this locality change forward position technology is perfect match. Accordingly our interpreter personnel can cooperate with to bigger project and accurate and unified finishing, by right of IT the effectiveness for a given period of time of advantage give attention to two or morethings with compositive advantage and expert compositive intelligence is mixed character.

1, interpreter process
" of memory of can automatic " stays in elegant letter CATS each interpreter, when translating new sentence, search interpreter remembers a library, with the interpreter in remembering a library to this unit undertakes contrast and matching, winkle is textual the most adjacent interpreter is unit, give out referenced translation. Interpreter personnel can accept this translation, also can do a few revise, the new translation after revising can stock memorial library automatically, for be being used later. This product still supports a network to share memorial library function. When much person undertakes an interpreter at the same time, can share an interpreter to remember a library through Internet, according to attributive different, personnel of every on-line interpreter can be called in real time or revise share the lexicon is mixed a library, achieve make full use of the effect of resource.

2, build CAM of library elegant letter automatically
Elegant letter CAM is one each uses the tool that build a warehouse. This tool can be analysed automatically and match textual with translation, it is an unit with the sentence will textual with translation one to one correspondence. After be adjusted artificially and be being proofreaded, this tool can generate the interpreter of a standard automatically to recall library file. All data are OK for project of large to the organization interpreter, quality is controlled most of core is term management. To professional technology domain, almost every documentation contains many professional term, the around of term translation is consistent, it is one of corrector serious content from beginning to end. If real support is done artificially,this works, take time is arduous, return one cannot say for sure to be able to have careless omission. The part that uses elegant letter CATS calculates a function, the meeting is automatic from inside the project draw-out repeat repetition phrase, give next the expert has a definition, such OK very convenient have term government, build interpreter standard and term list. When distributing an item, term expresses meeting along with to need the interpreter's file to send translator together, translator undertakes an interpreter in what use elegant letter CATS when, the system can identify automatically there is what word in giving current sentence is the term that already defined, give out term translation of the standard. The term that assured translation is uniform, improved interpreter quality.
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