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By the Chinese-English English-Chinese of informatization times machine translat
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As intellectual economy arisen the swift and violent development with computer technology, the mankind is in pace person an informatization times, the language is the carrier with the most important information. The need that to satisfy different country and area people information interacts, machine translation is mentioned important schedule. As a result of international language position of English, chinese-English English-Chinese interpreter already was become current and special urgent research task.
English-Chinese Chinese-English machine translation uses the computer to undertake English-Chinese namely the each other interpret of two kinds of languages. Our country is United States of the afterwards on the world, before the 4th state that Russia, England can have machine translation studies, be in early 1957, institute of language of Chinese Academy of Sciences established group of research of English-Chinese machine translation, study English-Chinese machine translation with collaboration of institute of Beijing foreign language. 11 3 in after plenary meeting, the Chinese-English English-Chinese machine translation of our country takes a person new development period. 1978, calculate in the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertook English-Chinese problem records machine translation to experiment on place III computer. Development of academy of sciences of military affairs of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is successful and economic model full text and problem employ system of compatible and English-Chinese machine translation, passed technical appraisement 1987, realized commercialization by company of Chinese software technology 1988, name for “ interpret star a ” , become in those days computer group one of 10 important matters. Chinese-English English-Chinese machine translation gained revolutionary headway, begin to practical change, stride of commercial, industrialization. Current, the popular PowerWord on market of our country software, fast interpret is connected, the software of English-Chinese Chinese-English machine translation such as Oriental express is won't English person undertakes the communication on foreign language intercourse and implementation net offerred huge to go to the lavatory.
Through more than 40 years of meandering course, machine translation of our country English-Chinese Chinese-English gained very great success, but undeniable is, practical software still keeps current English-Chinese Chinese-English machine translation in the word to treat stage mostly, to the sentence the interpreter of one class still exists very big limitation, the interpreter's sentence finishs reading extremely. In initial stage, the processing of the computer and storage capacity are the bottleneck that restricts English-Chinese Chinese-English machine translation. Now, as the swift and violent development of technology of computer soft hardware, to the research of Chinese inadequacy becomes the new bottleneck that restricts development of English-Chinese Chinese-English machine translation.
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