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Chinese news translates English vocabulary
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Cross-strait straight boat promotes meeting Association For Promotion Of Cross-Straits Direct Transportation
Two big historic tasks (raise a party be in office ability and lead level, raise refus corrupt to prevent change and resist the ability of the risk) The Two Major Historic Subjects Of Enhancing The Abilities Of Administration And Art Of Leadership And Resisting Corruption, guarding Against Degeneration And
Two play "A-bomb of one a light boat, h-bomb And Nuclear-powered Submarine "
Two quits political substance Two Equal Political Entities
Two civilization catch Place Equal Emphasis On Material And Ethical Progress together
Amphibious fights Amphibious Operations
Two tactics is caught, two tactics wants hard Grasp Both Links At The Same Time And Attach Sufficient Importance To Both
Two tactics catchs two tactics to want hard We Must Address Ourselves To The Problem Of Both Material And Spiritual Civilization (Both Material As Well As Culture And Ideological Progress) Without Any Letup.
Two think of (become rich consider a source, rich and think of into) To Think Of The Source Of Getting Rich And Of Making Progress After Becoming Affluence
Academician Academicians Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences And Chinese Academy Of Engineering
Low-grade taste Shoddy Goods; Substandard Goods; Lemon (Informal)
Head-hunting Company of hunt head firm
Temporarily episcopal experienced Caretaker Coach
0 He Boyi Zero-sum Game; Zero Game
Spare parts Spare And Accessory Parts
Territorial sea Territorial Waters
Get bellwether Bellwether
Additional kind of A Different, special, completely New Or Fashionabel Type Or Trend
Additional assonance is happy, heterodox music Alternative Music
Hobo Transient Population
Travelling Library of library of going from place to place; Bookmobile
Current a Circulation Stock
Meteor shower Meteor Shower
Stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn "Where There Is Life, there Is Hope. There Is Hope..
Study abroad advisory Consulting On The Study Abroad
Leave duty to stop firewood Retain The Job But Suspend The Salary
6 art: Ceremony, happy, shoot, drive, book, several "six Classical Arts: Rites, music, archery, riding, writing, arithmetic "
Bibcock product Flagship Product
Army The Army
Admit fractional line Enrollment Mark
Admission notice Letter Of Admission
The way develops Road Show
Price Of Passenger Train Tickets of passenger train fare
Viatic marriage Have A Honeymoon Trip
Greenbelt enclothes rate Forest Coverage Rate
Afforest Afforestation
Green Olympic Games, olympic Games of science and technology, green of humanitarian Olympic Games, high-tech And People Friendly Olympic Games
Emergency Green Path of passageway of green emergency treatment
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