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English paper translates computer major (translation)
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1972, IBM rolled out agile floppy disk to arrive as program of a medium-sized carry cargo computer lead plane. Because disk is so agile, they are made fun of to call floppy disk. They are cheap and fine, scope is little, handle easily, memory, pass send mail. Most computer has drive of a floppy disk at least.
Floppy disk, call floppy disk again, have two kinds of norms: 3.5 5.25 inch. Those who be MS - DOS be based on the computer, 3.5 inches of disk, can be in 720 1000 byte (pair - density) , byte of 1 44 million (tall - density) , and 2. 88 million byte (patulous - density) ability. The 48 rail that these 5.25 inches of disk have a density every inches, and the 96 rail that high density disk has a density every inches. Almost the density 135tracks of 3.5 inches of all floppy disk every inches.
The floppy disk bed sheet of the earliest model one one-sided. Add on another to read / write a head to be brought about in disk drive use double-faced floppy disk, increase the capacity disk of one times. Today, all floppy disk are double-faced.
If you studied 3.5 inches floppy disk to go up, you can see a metal is covered cover read / write insert groove. Insert disk to arrive to disk when you disk drive, the metal covers slide to come back, disclose read / write insert groove. Read / the floppy disk drive that keeps a head, the fixed position that can understand oneself exceeds specific orbit. As a result of the plastic outer covering of metallic sleeve and become rigid, 3.5 inches of floppy disk are so easy be damaged than 5.25 inches of floppy disk.
Use archives or formula, it is to be on soft dish, you must insert disk to arrive first floppy disk driver. Floppy disk driver is called normally armour driver and second driver. Seeing which drive is armour or second.

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