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Business affairs contract composes practical and classical sentence to reach its
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1, this contract uses English and Chinese two kinds of characters are written into, quadruplication. Bilateral hold English the text in this mixing each in duplicate, two kinds of characters have coequal effectiveness.
The Contract Is Made Out In English And Chinese Languages In Quadruplicate, both Texts Being Equally Authentic, and Each Party Shall Hold Two Copies Of Each Text.

2, this contract was signed on December 9, 1999 by bilateral delegate. After the contract is signed, apply for to approve to native government authorities respectively by each, with last approval date is the effective date of this contract, both sides should strive to win approval inside 60 days, inform each other with telex, affirm with correspondence. If this contract rises from signature day, 6 months still cannot become effective, both sides has authority to remove this contract.
This Contract Is Signed By The Authorized Representatives Of Both Parties On Dec. 9, 1999. After Signing The Contract, both Parties Shall Apply To Their Respective Government Authorities For Ratification. The Date Of Ratification Last Obtained Shall Be Taken As The Effective Date Of The Contract. Both Parties Shall Exert Their Utmost Efforts To Obtain The Ratification Within 60 Days And Shall Advise The Other Party By Telex And Thereafter Send A Registered Letter For Confirmation.

3, the day from contract become effective calculates this contract period of efficacy case in all 10 years, after period of efficacy is full, this contract is automatic invalidation.
The Contract Shall Be Valid For 10 Years From The Effective Date Of The Contract, on The Expiry Of The Validity Term Of Contract, the Contract Shall Automatically Become Null And Void.

4, when at the expiration of one's term of office of this contract deadline, the unfinished creditor's rights of both sides happening and debt do not suffer the effect of termination of contract, debtor should continue to creditor liquidate unfinished debt.
Of unfinished of The Outstanding () Claims And Liabilities (creditor's rights and debt) Existing Between Both Parties On The Expiry Of The Validity Of The Contract Shall Not Be Influenced By The Expiration Of This Contract. The Debtor Shall Be Kept Liable Until The Debtor Fully Pays Up His Debts To The Creditor.

English of attach business affairs is commonly used vocabulary:
Agreement And Contract (agreement and contract)
 of  of agreement of Agency Agreement representative
Agreement On General Terms And Conditions On Business manages the consultative   of trading terms commonly
Agreement On Loan Facilities Up To A Given Amount decides  of loan agreement 
Agreement of common price of Agreement Fixing Price
 of  of agreement of formalities of import licence of Agreement On Import Licensing Procedure
Cent of Agreement On Reinsurance protects consultative  
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