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Credit card is commonly used term (flower)
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Abroad studies abroad the commonly used term with bank contact with:
Cash Card (cash gets stuck) : Can collect ready money from bank or ATM machine
Cheque Guarantee Card (check assures card)
Debit Card (borrow write down card)
Credit Card (credit card)
Current Account (cash account) : Use at putting (Deposit) , take (Withdraw) , daily expenses, accrual is normally inferior or without accrual.
Saving Account (deposit account)
Overdraft (overdraw)Number of Account Number accountDepositor depositorPay-in Slip deposit is oddDeposit of A Deposit Form is oddA Banding Machine is accessed automatically machineTo Deposit deposits moneyReceipt of Deposit Receipt depositPrivate Deposits private savingDeposit receipt of Certificate Of DepositDeposit Book, passbook bankbookCredit Card credit cardPrincipal capitalOverdraft, overdraw overdrawsDouble autograph of To Counter SignTo Endorse endorsesEndorser endorserTo Cash cashsCash of To Honor A ChequeRefuse payment of To Dishonor A ChequeStop payment of To Suspend PaymentCheque, check checkCheque Book chequebookOrder Cheque order chequeBearer Cheque not order chequeCheck of Crossed Cheque horizontal lineBlank Cheque a blank chequeRubber Cheque dud chequeCheque Stub, counterfoil counterfoilCheck of Cash Cheque cashTraveller's check of Traveler S ChequeTransfer check of Cheque For TransferOutstanding Cheque outstanding checkCanceled Cheque already paid checkCheck of Forged Cheque bogus
Bank note of bank of Bandar S Note, silver-colored ticketBalance Sheet balance sheetCash Flow cash is on the moveGlossary term is expressedMoney Order money order bill, bill of exchangeLetter Of Credit N. [Business] (the bank issues) L/CCharge For thinks. . . Collect feesOverdraw V. OverdrawOverdraft N. Overdraw, overdrawing moneyEndorse [In5dC:s] V. Be in (bill) rear autograph, attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it (file) , approbate, signLiability N. Responsibility, compulsory, the tendency, debt, [Indebted] , as opposite as AssetsAsset N. [Asset] , useful thingSolvent Adj. Have the N of solvency. Menstruum, solvent, means of settlementSecurities N. Negotiable securitiesShipping of Time Hull Insurance is sure regularlyMarine Insurance average is safeOcean of Maritime Transportation Insurance carries insuranceFire Insurance fire insuranceCargo Insurance goods is safe

Account Number - A Unique Number Assigned By A Financial Institution To A Customer. On A Credit Card, this Number Is Embossed And Encoded On The Plastic Card.

Additional Cardholder - When You Have A Credit Card, it Is Often Possible To Add An Additional Card To The Account For Use By Someone Else. The Main Cardholder Holds Responsibility For Ensuring Payments On The Additional Card Are Made. Purchases Are Shown On The Credit Card Statement, which Is Sent Monthly.

American Express - Also Known As AMEX, this Company Is One Of The Main International Credit Card Issuing Schemes. It Issues Its Own Credit Cards—unlike Visa And MasterCard—and Is Responsible For Its Own Relationships With Retailers.
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