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Chinese interpret assist the member that will induct student union
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On January 17, 2008, chinese interpret assist 5 6 standing director (expand) the conference is discussed and the principle was passed " Chinese interpreter academician runs temporary measure " edit opinion, the decision adds category of ” of “ student member. This action has more extensive solidarity annals to translate the broad college student of the career at be engaged in, for Chinese interpret assist store mothball talent, the interpreter at the same time the talent evaluates a system from the society outspread and supreme school, then enhances interpreter person with ability integrated quality, offer high quality to translate the market from personnel of course of study. Conference requirement secretariat is opposite as soon as possible according to conference discussion opinion " the member runs temporary measure " after undertaking perfecting, announce carry out.

Before this, chinese interpret association member share two large categories: Unit member (contain a society organization and enterprise or business unit two kinds) with individual member (contain senior member, expert member, member, honorary member, foreign nationality member 5 kinds) .
(origin: China translates association)

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