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Scene of Founder dragon foreign language teachs room NewClass DL900v east ablaze
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April 2007, oriental Zheng Longlong rolls out ”NewClass DL900v of classroom of scene of “ foreign language again. This product is training of foreign language spoken language and intercourse training to provide a brand-new education platform.

The Ministry of Education since 2003 started reform of education of university foreign language, in the education of a few years of traditional foreign languages in the past, brought up a batch to approve literacy the strong, “ dummy ” that hears ability is poor and ” of “ a deaf person, educational reform original intention aims from go up at all change this one awkward situation. The language should be the tool of the intercourse activity that generates in specific scene, before learning process is OK the language expression of church learner abstraction, deal in generalities, and the gift of tongues of learner often can deal with an exam only, and in cannot applying vivid, complex real environment, ” of “ a deaf person and “ dummy ” arose then. The promotion of educational reform of university foreign language, force effect of traditional language lab to produce change, when Founder dragon is complied with east, era develops, use an advanced technique, create visible environment, cooperate multimedia class, create a condition to implement scene education, provided the true language environment that intercourse activity place wants to learner.

The systematic function of NewClass DL900v is designed, outstanding performance hears of ability ” and ” of “ intercourse ability to go up in the “ that raises a student: Can inspect give lessons, can inspect set an example, can inspect in group conversational, can inspect chatting room, picturephone to chat, dub of movie and TV, scene aside training, can look the function such as oral interpretation training, all lock up be in surely with of all kinds on the union of education mode photograph that stresses intercourse ability, the student gets the training of different scene, different kind in training a process, can all sorts of scenes undertake imitate face-to-face video communication. The center is with the student in “ , in the contemporary education mode that is central ” with the task, the organizer that the teacher becomes teacher and student and preceptorial, classroom of foreign language scene lets teach, learn to become interest is full, the student's initiative and participate in a gender to be brought into play adequately, classroom education is red-blooded with fun.
Founder dragon shifts language lab east can look an age.
(data sources: China translates association)

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