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Director of the 2nd translation company of countrywide grooms unconscious area t
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By China interpreter association interpreter serves committee to sponsor, liaoning saves an interpreter to learn to undertake, association of association of association of worker of Jilin province interpreter, worker of Heilongjiang province interpreter, worker of interpreter of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region assist the “ throughout the country that run translates company director the 2nd times to groom Ban Jidong cheats an area to translate synergic conference ” to was held in littoral city Dalian on October 9, 2008 inside north, sessional 3 days, make an on-the-spot investigation 4 days after the meeting (at one's own expenses) . Meeting Wu expends 1000 yuan (contain board and lodging) .

Meeting theme: Interpreter industry cheats the interpreter cooperation of area and countrywide various places inside the article paraphrase of 3 states level and northeast.

Conference delegate: Unconscious area is large inside leadership of association of the director of company of translation of city of countrywide each province, interpreter that visit town, northeast of the enterprise outside do director, northeast Neimengde controller of office of region external affairs, courtyard of foreign language of institution of higher learing fastens a leader.

Groom when the class ends, by China interpreter association interpreter serves committee to issue groom certificate.

Organizing committee office is specific contact means:

Address: Area of aunt of Shenyang city emperor esteems the road in hill library of 66 Liaoning college 105 rooms

Postcode: 110036

Phone: 024-86853705

Fax: 024-86713643

Contact: Qi Fang

(origin: Chinese interpreter association)

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