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External affairs is advanced the interpreter grooms will hold in Beijing
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Bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms center in May 2007 the last ten-day of a month is aimed at external affairs of open of personnel of system of countrywide external affairs advanced interpreter grooms, this still is belonged to in home first.
As our country external of the activity grow increasingly, the advanced interpreter talented person that has rich experience, stronger capacity is become popular, to the interpreter's demand, no matter be,raised taller requirement from quality, for this, bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the center is special invite seasoned national level interpreter of advanced external affairs, in Baconian square demand and each summary groom before on the foundation of experience, hold the “ external affairs that translates personnel in the light of ministries and commissions and external affairs of state-owned and large company advanced interpreter grooms class ” , schoolteaching content is handed in with oral interpretation pass give priority to, for student the development henceforth is mixed had done real work to lay next good foundations. According to this center Director Wang Xin introduces, this starting point is high, tall to student demand, should pass strict man-to-man test just but enter a school, this also is foreign language bureau grooms an item that the center adds newly after beginning series to groom
(origin: Ball of couplet open loop)

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