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Beijing University will offer interpreter management and international cooperati
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It is reported, beijing University plans to offer interpreter management and international cooperation at the near future advanced grind long class, this is home teach interpreter management and record of formal schooling what connection rises to grind first long project, it is the platform that wears an interpreter industry and other and relevant industry.

Management of Beijing University interpreter and international collaboration are advanced grind long class is not given priority to with fostering dragoman, aim to foster interpreter industry elite to manage a talented person however. Grind long class gives lessons jointly by Beijing University teacher and interpreter industry expert, introduce project management and CAT technology interpreter management, the heat problem that systems analysis cares to transducer compose place from interpreter industry, raise broad interpreter worker and transducer compose, and the level that translates relevant business controller.

Should grind the another main distinguishing feature that repairs a class is the application that emphasizes be being translated in cooperating external. Interact in international increasingly frequent, cooperate external below multilateral and multivariate society environment, interpreter and this locality change the position in collaboration of governmental dialog, economy, culture communication to hold the balance. The administrator that translates an industry need not go specific interpreter some piece article, need not act as the spot oral interpretation of foreign nationality expert, but have to know how to be built with management this locality chemical industry makes a group, how to arrange the interpreter in project of harmonious concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, how to ask dragoman helps you contact is communicated and create the working environment of appropriate tall productivity for them in cooperating external.

Grind this long class and link up with of education of record of formal schooling, grind the student that repair a class can apply for to continue to assiduously study Beijing University on-the-job Master, master matriculation needs to attend Beijing University only own and propositional matriculation, need not attend countrywide all to take an examination of. On-the-job Master is not study of be released from production to take on other duty, need not suspend the work already, can charge in time again, degree upgrades. Be about to understand Beijing University interpreter management and international collaboration are advanced grind the detail that repair a class, log onto please,

According to Beijing University and Chinese interpret assist reached consensus, chinese interpret association member attend grind long class enjoys tuition 9 lose privilege
(data sources: China translates association)

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