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Chinese interpret assist roll out international dragoman card to do sth for sb s
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International interpreter home is allied (couplet of abbreviation international interpret) started international dragoman card at the near future (FIT ID Card) plan, the worker of buccal written translation that accords with a condition to world each district and terminological home issue letter. This letter is similar international reporter card, proving holder is the formal member that member of some of international interpret couplet organizes, the member that ask relevant orgnaization and each country of international interpret couplet are met organizes the help that gives in one's power to holder and ceremony, in order to ensure they complete its work smoothly.

Organization of the member that international interpret couplet entrusts each congress establishs specific standard, the member that recommends this association to accord with a condition offers application. Translate worker to promote China in the world position, defend its dignity and person safety, chinese interpret assist serve at rolling out international dragoman card to do sth for sb in June 2007, every China interpret assist individual member all qualified application, interpret assist secretariat deals with obligation relevant formalities for the member. Once this service is rolled out, arouse the great interest of broad membership instantly, call in succession seek advice, sign up. Up to by July, already nearly 40 members put forward formally to apply for and dealing with relevant formalities, include to be in charge of interpret of U.N. relevant document stalking of grain among them authorized expert and get Chinese interpret assist commending senior interpreter home. Chinese interpret assist the newspaper after having first trial to its international interpret couplet is examined and approve.

International interpret couplet held water 1953, it is the authoritative interpreter worker syndicate on international, enjoy U.N. Educational class A to seek advice from a position. Current, international interpret couplet is had pervade the organization of more than 100 member of more than 60 country and area, represent the whole world the interest of worker of 6 more than interpreter.

Be about to understand international dragoman card to do sth for sb service detail, please with Chinese interpret assist secretariat connection, phone: 68995951, e-mail:
(origin: Ball of couplet open loop)

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