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Software Chinese is changed
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Of software of malic computer system Chinese changing is a kind of resource Chinese is changed, main purpose is the information such as the menu that gives an user to systematic clew, pushbutton, warning and dialog box undertake modification, do not revise systematic kernel surely. Of course, chinese the support that the operating system that has changed should have the character in be opposite, these functions come true through Chinese function module is being joined in the system.

Of systematic software Chinese change can divide roughly for the character interpreter, interface is revised and software is compositive wait for a few measure, each pace has special technological process and professional tool software. It is the simple introduction of these pair of measure below:

1.Literal translation

The personage inside course of study knows, the operating system is a very giant software, want a whole system is complete Chinese change, the interpreter job of have hundred thousands of word wants to do. Accordingly, want file of one by one one by one resource ground is revised, be impossible to finish inside short time. To solve this problem, malic company developed special Chinese turn a tool, it is OK to use this special tool a few written languages that the interpreter wants in hundreds of component even capture comes out, produce document of a text (Work Glossary File) . Next, chinese chemical Cheng division can use common word processing software to open this file hand-in-hand travel interpreter. After the interpreter is finished, good the interpreter file puts this special Chinese in the specific environment that changes a tool, run this program again, the written language that has translated can replace original English. Such work efficiency is very tall.

Apparently look, interpreter job was finished, chinese change about the same also. Actually, the interpreter is only Chinese a very small step in changing a course, the many two paces after working to be in centrally.

2.The interface is revised

We can imagine, after be being translated into Chinese when an English sentence, sentential length and word order produced a change possibly, and these changes appear when special program module is medium below specific situation, will cause all sorts of problems likely. Accordingly, chinese need of chemical Cheng division undertakes to all program resource very comprehensive and check and revise strictly. Two things that basically do in this link are resource editor (Resources Edit) and check oneself (the test with the system at checking a branch, detailed distinction of Self Testing - ) . In resource in editing process, chinese chemical Cheng division needs all sorts of resource to Macintosh have the knowledge that comparative, also want to have proper understanding to the process designing style of English software and intent at the same time, on this foundation, combine a variety of tool software to undertake modification to having the resource of the problem. Below special situation, the special tool talent that must use malic computer company to offer undertakes modification.
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