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Trados Translator
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Translator's Workbench is system of database of an interpreter memory. It provides management of top-ranking language reference material. It is in a series of specialization editor and word processing environment make translate personnel to be able to be used file translation, the language administrative levels that and be in 3 differs (sentence paragraph, second sentence paragraph with term) provided automatic support. It makes interpreter and this locality change a group to be able to be in network environment and Internet environment share an interpreter to remember resource for the foundation with file and server.
Administrative levels 1: Sentence paragraph of support

Translating memory is one stores all interpreter sentence or sentence paragraph reach its sentence of source language correspondence or sentence paragraph database. These sentence paragraph unit to be being called to translate. Technology of library of interpreter memory service data offers the interpreter translation previously automatically when your interpreter. Offer not only match translation completely, translator's Workbench uses the method that is called faintness to match to search as textual as yours on the language sentence paragraph of relevant database vocabulary entry. Match very easy and stickup in the translation to you. In translating a process, the translation that adds newly and newer translation are added to the database, so, interpreter memory increases dynamicly. Add addend to if client information and project information can allocate,occupy each sentence paragraph, use at identify and distinguishing of different subclass store data.

Administrative levels 2: Clausal paragraph of support

The literal likeness that bilingual and relevant search offers Translator's Workbench to you search literal extract from inside translating memory or be being translated with you or identical clause paragraph. Translator's Workbench lists the search with detailed list as a result, when designation search character appearing in translating memory, list textual sentence paragraph reach its corresponding translation. Relevant character is very easy and stickup in the translation to you.

Administrative levels 3: Technical support

MultiTerm is system of TRADOS term management. It and Translator's Workbench are united in wedlock to identify term actively interactively. That is to say, when translating documentation the system offers the term translation that MultiTerm term library stores automatically to you. Faintness matchs use at searching a character to make relevant term and identical technical terms can be found. The term of clew is very easy and stickup in the translation to you. If you are using MultiTerm IX, still can use store the term library on long-range server undertakes term identifying.

Interpreter environment

With other interpreter memory differs, translator's Workbench joins with program of Word word processing directly, the interpreter undertakes in the environment that so you can be in this to be familiar with from beginning to end. Additional, TRADOS still offers following specialization to edit an environment:
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