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The first selection technology of professional interpreter domain -- interpreter
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Domestic major interpreters are using what tool

Review market of current home translation software, today ” of one “ star, tomorrow one “ bully ” , a large number of heroes rises, competition is intense. Anatomize after these products, we can be its cent two kinds big: Electronic dictionary and machine translation.

The advantage of electronic dictionary is self-evident, accurate to the interpreter of the word and fast, but the domain is translated in major, what electronic dictionary can do is very finite after all.

Be opposite two this years for bound of Chinese machine translation, it is high speed two years of development. As if to be in overnight, each manufacturer rolled out product of respective machine translation software. Achieve 70% above according to saying the readability of translation is highest (attention, it is readability, is not accuracy! ) . The software advertisement of rich and colorful, the applied foreground of be charmed making a person, formed domestic software market a distinctive scenery. However opposite at the lively occasion here, the domain is translated in the major that needs a translation software most, it is billows does not rise however, everything as before. Enter an any domestic interpreter companies or this locality that are big company to change / interpreter branch, all interpreter job still stays in manual mill phase, want to say modernization, install an electron dictionary in computer namely at most, use computer to do a character to type the job namely again. Be to translate a domain not to need a translation software? Rather, professional interpreter personnel can experience the hardships that translates to case of bend over of day after day most, most pressing also to translating the demand of the tool. The problem depends on even if the readability of 70% , for the professional interpreter that is life to inspecting quality, still satisfy a requirement hard. In addition current machine translation software handles ability to the format of electronic documentation finite, this translates the major that rises abruptly quickly in recent years the main branch of the domain again- - the requirement that this locality changes an industry is blocked outside the door.

Let us answer the question that caption place raises now, the answer is very simple: Domain of domestic major interpreter is trashy any tools!

What is domain of foreign major interpreter using

In annual global LISA plenary meeting (association of standard of industry of chemical industry of this locality of Localization Industry Standard Association) go up, MT and TM are lasting topic. MT is machine translation (the abbreviate of Machine Translation) , what is that TM? It is Translation Memory, chinese interpret makes “ translate memorial ” .

Domestic reader still may understand not quite, actually at present TM technology almost major of dominate exclusively abroad is translated and this locality influences the market. Once the enterprise decides to use a translation software in working flow, what consider above all is TM, those who want a decision choose product of which kinds of TM namely. In fact, not only the IT company such as IBM, Microsoft, ORACLE, SAP and Bowne Global Solutions(ensure victory round-the-world) , this locality such as LionBridge, Berlize changes company and translation firm to be in a large number of use TM product, the faithful user that the international such as car of Monetary Fund of European Union, international, Woerwo, masses is organized and the enterprise also is TM.
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