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What is meant by GILT
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“GILT”It is “Globalization”, “Internationalization” , “Localization”With the abbreviate that the initial of “Translation” word combines, because length of these 4 words is longer, write for the book so handy, normally abbreviate is industry public figure “GILT” .
Word “GILT” is translated into Chinese is “ globalization, internationalization, this locality change and translate ” , it is to make product or software enter global market and the concern technology that have and market activity. Include design of globalization strategy, internationalization, this locality is changed compositive, the language translates the series process that waits for close connection.
“GILT” has made the important circuit that transnational corporation undertakes global strategy develops, include the field of the much discipline across such as information, technology and language, provider of the supplier that formed product or software, service, plan seeks advice, the scientific research, education, association complete trade that make.

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