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Why to want software this locality to change?
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In home as the computer each industries are mixed wide application of the family, more and more this locality change software to push to the market. Inside global limits, software this locality turns one of IT trades that had made rapid progress, not only the software sort that this locality spends is increasing, and the cycle that this locality changes a product to roll out is shorter and shorter, some this locality change software to be released with synchronism of source language software even.

Does the inherent power that urges software this locality to change where? Why the promotion that international software develops business to strengthen software this locality to change ceaselessly? The strategy that the author thinks internationalization develops and intense market and technology compete, it is the fountainhead that drives software this locality to change. The software this locality that the software that designs a technology with internationalization carries out for the foundation is changed, can bring numerous profit with developing business for software, basically reflect in the following respects.

Extend market share, realize globalization business

The profundity of world economy, politics and science and technology changes, the trend of global unifinication and process are increasingly outstanding. The infrastructure of the composition of computer soft hardware and communication technology had built whole structure. The development of the technology such as PC, Internet, enlarged the dimensions of potential market, raised commerce to run rate, world economy tends globalization. Get used to the requirement of economic globalization, more and more large-scale software develop business, had been made and begin the development target of globalization, strategy and technological process. Software this locality changes the main component that is software internationalization, it is the important way that realizes globalization development.

This locality changes product and service, satisfy specific language market

Software development business should develop potential nation / area and specific language market, must make its product and service fit specific need of place, must change a course through this locality. Among them, the most essential is the product that provides local language support. In addition, software is on certain function, satisfy the special requirement of specific market even. For example, provide support of double byte character, it is the basic service requirement of East Asia market. Additional, laws and regulations of the user job habit that this locality changes a product to also want to satisfy target market, state, culture is traditional the special requirement that wait.

Respect demand of different language user, reveal development business to develop actual strength

As the ceaseless maturity of market growth, the client's demand rises ceaselessly. In the meantime, the competitor's amount is increasing ceaselessly, technical actual strength is strengthened ceaselessly, market competition is intense with each passing day. Software this locality is changed can enlarge potential region market and client group. Current, whether to support this locality language, had become increasing computer user to choose the fundamental condition of software, because be used to of great majority user uses the software of native language, can improve work efficiency significantly. Additional, the user manual that the computer product that the law of a lot of countries asks to import must want native language. Below coequal condition, provide the support of pair of place languages, mean the improvement of product function and quality, conduce to conquer competition product winning a client. Software develops business to invest software this locality to change those who reflected pair of place users to take seriously, the skill that reflected development business oneself develops actual strength, the sturdy user accredit to developing business, raise the use hope of the user.
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