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Open " information this locality is changed " mysterious veil
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2004 the beginning of the year, just hand in big inscription peaceful to announce the strategic transition of the company in Beijing in what Hong Kong appears on the market, project of give somebody a new lease on life of the brand that start, caused the wide attention of domestic media. Recently, on August 25, 2004, hand in big inscription peaceful to buy rich successfully to writing brush Chinese Chinese turns limited company in Hong Kong again, it is reported, this is to hand in the first time after big inscription peaceful appears on the market to buy the operation publicly.

One of new strategies that make big inscription peaceful devote oneself to information this locality to change namely, make domestic information this locality change the ” of “ aircraft carrier of the industry. Hand in big inscription peaceful to change service business transition to information this locality by business of domestic current software, be become to hand in ” of suddenly turn hostile of “ of big inscription peaceful by media.

So what is “ information this locality changes ” ? Information this locality changes the translation service that includes of all kinds character and language information above all, still include software this locality to change, network this locality is changed, the content of the many sided such as urban informatization and enterprise informatization solution.

As the rapid development with computer technology and Internet technology, the mankind enters digital information period, make the capacity of information content grows into geometrical progression posture, information is affecting each aspects of politics, economy and life with the formal profundity of all sorts of media. The difference as a result of character of language of world each country, each nation and culture tradition, often pose the communication between all sorts of information and delivered obstacle, bring about information communication channel not free, brought the serious asymmetry of information, block up business and technology communicate, affected international communication and collaboration.

Face growth of information explosion sex, in all sorts of good news that how never are the same as language and character, dig and abstract significant information, and them change is local language information, close to the abidance of the birth that gave birth to information this locality to change service industry and demand develops healthily quickly from this.

This locality of our country information changes an industry to change industry synchronism to develop with world this locality almost. 20 centuries the later period in 90 time, domestic emerge in large numbers professional this locality turns service business. In the meantime, a lot of traditional language translation companies also leave be engaged in software translating a service. Additional, this locality of a few large internationalization changed service business to also found China to handle affairs orgnaization. This locality of home of wh some of which changed service business to had joined software this locality to convert standard guild (LISA) .
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