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Software this locality is changed with Chinese change
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Look not to know an order, look to because,do not know help —— , everything is English. Now, the English level of major software user is not high, use English software has the difficulty of different level. We often see such friend, hear some software function is very powerful, leave no stone unturned was searched for come, installation hind sees complex English interface, won't use at all, sigh oneself only English is too poor.

Solve method to have two kinds at least:
Help user raises English to read capability

Software of edition of the Chinese that make
Short time raises English to read capability, hope all users are perfectness English is not actual. In fact, also be not the user with English only inferior level to just like to use the software of Chinese interface. Great majority person uses his mother tongue to undertake communicating freelying most. Although foreign language level is very high user, the efficiency that use foreign language has working often also is compared with mother tongue low.

Software of edition of the Chinese that make, the development business of software and agency to enlarge potential client group, decrease groom with support charge, raise an user the confidence to the product, enhance the reason such as product competition ability, also can roll out this locality to convert the software of version. Satisfy the requirement of the user, conquer competition product wins a client.
Be not all software to have undertake this locality is changed, final critical factor is this locality changes investment to whether can bring corresponding profit. This is we see a lot of software have Japanese edition traditional even edition, do not have the reason of simplified edition however.

Gain ground to drive what our country computer uses, domestic Chinese turns a person, do not write down pay, give the hard work of free, chinese of lots and lots of software interface Han Huacheng. Learn the computer for more friends, use computer offers convenient door. Apply to popularizing the computer, accelerating our country IT to develop was to have significant contribution.
(article origin: Chinese this locality changes a network)

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