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Software this locality changes commonly used tool to uncover close
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Software this locality is changed include literal translation, software to compile, the multinomial job such as software test and desktop composing, need a variety of software to cooperate ability to finish. Basically include operating system software, current software, special software. Choose appropriate software, can improve work efficiency, found the file that accords with industry pattern. The article lists classification the software that when these software this locality are changed, uses.

1. Operating system software

The operating system is the platform that software this locality changes a project to come true. Its choice must accord with the software requirement that this locality changes. The operating system that uses possibly includes: Windows, macintosh, solaris, unix and Linux. Among them, application of Window operating system is most general.

Window operating system distributes the different version that is different language. Change in the software this locality of East Asia language in, cent is simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Han Wen. Commonly used version includes: Windows NT 4.0, windows 2000, windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home. According to the need that software this locality changes, the likelihood should install corresponding software patch program (Service Pack) , for example Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6, windows 2000 Service Pack 4, windows XP Service Pack 1. In the local area network, should install server version or the operating system that the client carries version.

As close together as Window operating system relevant is a browser. The software that certain this locality converts has specific demand to the type of the browser and version. For example, the requirement must install Internet Explorer 6.0 to wait.

2. Current software

The documentation processing that this locality of the current software software that finish changes and communication communicate. The principle of the choice is: Satisfy the format requirement that software this locality changes, the operation is handy, improve work efficiency.

Commonly used documentation handles software to include:

(1) word processing software

Word processing is one of main content that software this locality changes. Software of use word processing writes the documentation that all sorts of this locality change software to wrap. Commonly used software this locality changes word processing software to include: Microsoft Word, windows notebook, ultra Edit.

(2) form handles software

The course is changed in software this locality in, form handles software to be used at referring finished job. For example, software checks a result, generated term list. Commonly used form processing software is Microsoft Excel.

(3) database software

Database software is used at company interior communication and documentation management, the software flaw that in also be being used at managing this locality to change software to check, discovers (Bug) . In addition, the support of the moving need database of certain software. Software this locality changes the database software that middling uses to include: Microsoft Access, lotus Notes.
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