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Contain the sentence of a word only
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Everybody may be right " boast swims on the west " in of thoroughly rectify one's errors the Tang Dynasty the monk swings remain fresh in one's memory of that concise “Let's Go " that go out finally. But, compare at the expression below, the Tang Dynasty monk or too 啰 Suo! If you learn to use below these the most concise expression means, I can ensure before Sun Wu sky your safety.

Absolutely! ——Absolutely and correct!
Adorable! ——Extremely lovely!
Amazing! ——Too magical!
Anytime! ——Bade at any time!
Almost! ——About the same!
Awful! ——Good dreariness!

After You. ——You first.
About When? ——About when?
All Set? ——Is everything appropriate?
Allow Me! ——Let me come!

Baloney! ——Talk nonsense! Be absurd!
Behave! ——Put esteem to nod!
Bingo! ——Medium!
Boring! ——Really dull!
Bravo! ——Too marvellous!
Bullshit! ——Bullshit!

Cheers! ——Cheer!
Congratulations! ——Congratulation!
Correct! ——Right!
Crazy! ——Mad!

Damn! ——Blamed!
Deal! ——That's settled then!
Definitely! ——Of course!
Disgusting! ——Heart of likes and dislikes!
Drat! ——Be fed up with!

Encore! ——Come again!
Exactly! ——Completely correct!

Fantastic! ——Extremely clever!
Farewell! ——Good-bye!
Fifty-fifty! ——Half-and-half cent!
Foul! ——Fouled!
Fresh! ——Very handsome! Be handsome!

Gesundheit! ——Take care of! (Special use at saying to the person of sneeze)
Gone! ——Ran!
Gorgeous! ——Extremely beautiful!
Great! ——Too good!

Hey! ——Hey!
Hopefully! ——The hope is such! Hopeful word. . .
Horrible! ——Very terrible!
Hot! ——Very hot!
Hurray! / Hurrah! ——Banzai!
Hush! ——(Hush) breath out slowly!
Hurry! ——Quickly!

Incredible! ——Be mysterious!
Indeed? ——True? Jesus! ——Day!

Liar! ——You lie!
Listen! ——Listening! Lousy! ——Be disappointing!

Marverllous! ——Extremely marvellous!
Now! ——Do now!

Objection! ——I protest!
Outrageous! ——Be disastrous!
Pardon! ——Say again please!
Perfect! ——Very perfect!
Please! ——Requested!