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Glib says English- - a collection of selected specimens of strange interesting t
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Tongue twister (the colloquial game that Tongue Twister or Word Cramp) are a kind of tradition, call the turn of each nation signal has. Go in our country ever the cheeper that somebody offers to let just can talk, say “ a few times continuously an iron, a ” comes to iron the enunciation that exercises the child, because can not say “ alertly a bit an old father, old father a ” . The child that British parents often also lets them is fast reiterate “red Lorry, yellow Lorry, green Lorry. ” will exercise their enunciation, what true it may be said has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever. Recite repeatedly can make person enunciation bright, conduce to correctional pronunciation not clear, a few similar vowel in resolution English and consonant. For example, below two tongue twister, correct to the student pronunciation is helpful.

1. The Hunter And His Huge House Hid Behind The House.

2. She Sells Seashells On The Seashore, and The Shells She Sells Are Seashells, I Am Sure. If She Sells Shells At The Seashore, the Shells She Sells Are Seashells, for Sure.

To the actor, want speak ability of course clear and bright, so some troupe or director are in admit by examination when the actor, often want examinee to recite tongue twister, in order to check the pitch with its smooth language. Two paragraphs of tongue twister that often use are below:

At Noon I Took A Good Book. And Sat By The Pool In The Wood. I Soon Took Off My Boot. And Put My Foot In The Pool. Oh! How Cool, how Cool.

Another is:

Robert Rolly Rolled A Round Roll Round. If Robert Rolly Rolled A Round Roll Round, where Is The Round Roll Robert Rolly Rolled Around?

People drinks overmuch, the speech is not clear, namely people is said normally, speak of a word to come the tongue is hit roll. Accordingly, british police ever let a driver follow read the tongue twister below, whether to drink in order to check its excessive.

Little Lily And Little Nelly Are Writing Letters. Let's Leave Little Nelly And Little Lily Alone.

Walter Was Wailing, worrying And Watching The Wet Weather And The Wet Wind.

Some dentists also let their patient recite tongue twister, the false tooth that so that check,sets newly is appropriate. Below two tongue twister, because contain fricative [S] very fit this kind of need.

The Sun Shines On The Small Shop Signs.

Sally Always Suffers From Sea-

Sickness When She Is At Sea.

Even it is OK that somebody believes some tongue twisters cure belch. Become you allegedly when belch, get the other with piping “ at a heat this tongue twister reads ”(Peter Piper) come down, belch can stop.

Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers.

A Peck Of Pickled Peppers Peter Piper Picked;

If Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers,

Where Is The Peck Of Pickled Peppers Peter Piper Picked?
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