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The strongest Chinese type English on the world
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1. We Two Who And Who? We two follows whose A
2. How Are You? How Old Are You? How be you, how often you?
3. You Don't Bird Me, I Don't Bird You you not bird I, I also not bird you
4. You Have Seed I Will Give You Some Color To See See, brothers! Together Up! You are gutty, I should order color look to you, brother, go up together!
5. Hello Everybody! If You Have Something To Say, then Say! If You HaveNothing To Say, go Home! ! Occupied have play music, remove government without the thing
6. You Me You Me each other each other
7. You Give Me Stop! ! You stop to me!
8. Know Is Know Noknow Is Noknow knows to know, do not know to be do not know. . .
9. WATCH SISTER cousin
10. Dragon Born Dragon, chicken Born Chicken, mouse'son Can Make Hole! !
Long Shenglong, feng Shengfeng, the son of mice is met burrow!
11. A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing of American Chinese Not Enough
12. One Car Come One Car Go, two Car Pengpeng, spot of People Die traffic accident is described
13. Be elated of Heart Flower Angry Open
14. Go Past No Mistake Past goes too transient, do not want to miss
15. Xiaoming: I Am Sorry! Foreigner: I Am Sorry Too!
Xiaoming: I Am Sorry Three! Foreigner: What Are You Sorry For?
Xiaoming: I Am Sorry Five!
16. If You Want Money, I Have No; If You Want Life, I Have One!
Want money, awful
17. I Call Li Old Big. Toyear 25. I cry plum the old, this year 25.
18. You Have Two Down Son. You have twice

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