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Gout interlocution
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Gout interlocution

Q: What's The Difference Between A Monkey And A Flea?

A: A Monkey Can Have Fleas, but A Flea Can't Have Monkeys.

What can the monkey have to differ with flea? You may think of them directly two be one big one small. But besides, that is a monkey flea can grow on the body, and there cannot be a monkey however on flea body. Is this result very significant?

Q: How Can You Most Irritate A Farmer?

A: By Treading On His Corn?

If you walked the corn of farmer or it is cereal, he is sure the meeting is angry; And if you stepped on the clavus of farmer sole, he will be angrier. Corn can show “ corn already / cereal ” , also have the meaning of “ clavus ” .

Q: Which Is The Strongest Creature In The World?

A: The Snail. It Carries Its House On Its Back.

Because of Snail (snail) hind there always is a house on the back, saying snail is the strongest biology on the world so is no wonder. Do you say?

Q: What Do People Do In A Clock Factory?

A: They Make Faces All Day.

See Make Faces this phrase, you but must not thinking is the person that works in horological factory all the day make a face ah! Because besides this meaning, it still can explain from literal to make clockface.

Q: How Do You Stop A Sleepwalker From Walking In His Sleep?

A: Keep Him Awake.

The person that how doesn't ability let somnambulate (Sleepwalker) somnambulate (Walk In His Sleep) ? The simplest method does not let him sleep namely. Although this is not remedial method, but if let somnambulate person awake, he won't go really somnambulate.

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